может ли тренд евры вниз оказаться законченным?

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Отправил: Plain , Чт , 19 Июля 2001 в 13:45 MSK

Случайно прочитал, что возможно пятая волна вниз закончена:

Elliott Wave: EUR-USD - Wave (5) bottoming? Quite possible
EUR-USD: Firm upsurge seen yesterday and it is tempting to call for more for the coming weeks, is this likely? The technical postures are looking pretty promising and here are the clues. 1) We had a weekly Doji pattern two weeks again and the move yesterday could confirm this as a bottoming signal. This neutral pattern was preceded by the upmove seen previously in Oct 00. 2) It is quite possible to see the bounce from 0.8353 (2/7), ahead of 0.8232 (23/10), as a double bottom signal. 3) The upmove from 0.8353 was actually above (near) the previous resistance line drawn from the highs of 1.2412 (10/98) and 1.0908 (10/99), maintaining a technical "breakout". From an Elliott Wave standpoint, we mentioned the wave (5) position from the drop of 0.9592 (1/01) within the bearish trend from 1.2412. Too early to call for bottoming but, looking a bit more better now for the European currency. On the upside, the resistance line on the weekly chart initiated from the highs of 0.9588 (8/1) and 0.9371 (5/3) is the key to watch, at 0.8856 this week. (Source MMS).

Мог бы кто-нибудь из специалистов прокомментировать возможность такого хода с точки зрения волнового анализа. Т.е. не противоречит ли, что низ 5-ой волны окажется выше низа 3-ей волны. Спасибо.


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